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South Africa hosts many languages. We always have someone that can talk to you in your native language. Communication is very important to us. We are happy to serve you no matter who you are., We love diversity. So whether you are a student or a celebrity, we respect your privacy. We don’t judge or discriminate. Welcome to ZA-PC.

Why Choose Us

Quick Repair Process

Whether using our remote service or need us to travel to you, we can diagnose and repair your system promptly. No body enjoys not being able to do the things they need to.

Customer Support

No one knows everything. We are friendly and will always invite you to watch what we are doing. We are always happy to explain a little about what we are doing.

Cheap Diagnostics

Diagnosing your PC involves downloading remote software to your computer. See services page for more detail..

Our Mission


We believe in a simple computer service where a few options are available to make your life easier. While we are happy to explain the tech side of our fixes, we are also happy to just handle it so you or your organization can work on other things. Repairs & support can be accomplished remotely, on site, or picked up and redelivered. Your choice.

High Quality Work

Quality of work is our priority. If it takes a bit longer to do the job properly, its worth doing right!

Professional Approach

Professional communication and a “soft educational” approach is what we strive for each and every day.

Wow Service

Technology can be frustrating at times. We hope our approach and quality of work impress you.

Our Technician

More info coming soon.



Anthony Robinson

MBA, Computer Tech

Hi I am Anthony! I am a people person but am also super analytical. I love business and I love technology. I hold a masters degree in business administration. I am always ready to help.


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We Fix All Types of Electronic Devices


Just because a service is not listed, doesn’t mean we cant help you. We have lots of partners who we outsource to. While we remain your point of contact, we have partners who replace screens, program websites, root phones, etc.



  • Quick & Convenient Repair Process
  • We are Professional Technicians
  • Only Use High Quality Parts
  • Remote service or at your location
  • Courier service available